Month Date Events Speaker Where
January 1 House of Hope begins Vienna
January 7 Day of Prayer and Fasting EME
January 1-31 Month of fasting GSN
February 15 & 18 "My Heart Is Set" (for married couples) Bro. Ciulla COA, Vienna
March 8-18 AMTC Landstuhl
March 15 General Board Meeting Landstuhl
April 12-14 Holy Ghost Rally Bro. Robinette Lausanne
May 15 General Board Meeting Furth, Nurnberg
May 15 - 18 General Conference Bro. Stoneking, Putnam, Bustard, Tuttle, Robinette, Howell, Morton Furth, Nurnberg
May 17 Ladies Conference Sis. Putnam Furth, Nurnberg
June 21 - 30 AYC Berlin, Nurnberg, Munich
July 1 AYC Berlin, Nurnberg, Munich
July 10-12 Apostolic Renewal Conference (Regional) Bro. Jeff Arnold, Garlitz, Tuttle, Stan Gleason, Aaron Bounds Vienna
August 5-9 Youth & Kids' Camp Bro. Matthew Tuttle, Bro. Jeroen v. Goerp tba
October 17 General Board Meeting Munich
October 18 - 19 Elisha Conference Bro. Stark Munich
October 18 - 19 Ladies Conference Sis. Stark Munich
October 18 - 19 General Business Meeting Munich
November 3 10 year anniversary of Paderborn church Bro. Robinette Paderborn
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